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Model Bio - Look Back at 2004

"HI, My name is Deauxma as in "Do Me", but pronounced like "Doe-Mae"
- Deauxma

Deauxma is a semi-professional adult model with her own site. She is basically interested in everything and having appeared in a few national magazines. She loves sports, especially playing volleyball, and watching all other sports. Deauxma is interested in promoting herself in the media and hopefully exceeding at it. She is pretty open to about anything. After being in the adult industry (modeling and a few videos) for a couple years, She can basically handle anything and pretty open and optimistic. Let's see where we go from here.

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Score, June 2004 (article, no layout)
Score, May 2004
Bra Busters, Dec 2003
High Society, Dec 2003
DCup, Mar 2003
DCup, Apr 2003
Gent, Dec 2002
Over-50, Nov 2002 (I'm not over 50, but I was in a special layout in the issue.)

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Wallpapers were a big deal back in the early 2000s before mobile phones took over and people were dressing up their desktops with Sexy Women on the  net. And yes, Deauxma as at the top!

Deauxma is not sure if she has made it to the big show. But let me tell you this Busty Lady has! I real down to earth Lady with Sex Appeal that is making her a Star. Experience Deauxma on the Web and in stores, here is just a few:

Adult On-line Magazines:
Vintage - Amateur of the Month, Jun 2001 & Mar 2003

Hard Copy Magazines:
Bra Busters, Dec 2003
High Society, Dec 2003
DCup, Mar 2003

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The Interview - Look Back at 2004

Q: The net has open a lot of door for models of all types. Has there been anyone on the net that has made an impression on you?
A: I have been on the internet for almost 3 years now and really didn't have any impressions at all until I recently attended the AVN convention in Vegas. I was amazed at all of the models and especially the mega porn models that were there. I was invited into a autograph signing booth with Minka, Karla and a few others and was amazed and jealous of them. They were so down to earth and easy to get along with. Of course, they are well know in the industry and that's what I would like to be. So after being at the AVN, I am now striving to get my face out there more and see what I can do to make an impression on others coming up.

Q: Who are some of your favorite models, are there any busty favorites you would like to work with?
A: I have worked mostly with amateur models since I am basically an amateur myself, but I am slowly moving up the food chain to the professional level. I would say that I love working with an amateur model named Angelle. She is a Southern Charms model and we get together anytime we can. Recently I met and had the opportunity to work with Sophia Staks and a big busted model named Darby that lives in Las Vegas. Sophia and I did some work together for our websites. She is fun and easy to work with. Darby and I did a photo shoot for a magazine layout that should be out later this year. Both were a lot of fun and very sexy. Not often do I get to work with busty models. I love big boobs probably more than most men. As for models that I would love to work with, boy that's a hard question. There are so many and hard to choose one. But before I would work with any model, they must be bisexual. I am very very bi and love to play with women because you can have fun and enjoy the photo session. I guess Pandora Peaks, Alyssa Alps, and Rebecca Pauline would be my fantasy girls to work with. I guess only in my dreams.

Q: As a successful business woman, what was the most difficult thing about building this type of business?
A: The physical building part was pretty easy since I am part of a multi girl site where a webmaster does all the work. All I had to do was pose for pictures and send them in. Getting recognition and my face distributed in the industry was the hardest part. There are so many sites out there and to be noticed and then become successful is a challenge. I had to do a lot of networking, banner exchanges and even personal appearances at local strip clubs to get the ball rolling. It wasn't until I found a modeling site to post my profile on that really got me up and going. From there I heard about the Internext and AVN conventions in Las Vegas. Attending the conventions and the after parties were extremely helpful. I met and rubbed elbows with a lot of porn stars, producers and photographers. If you are going to exceed in this business, networking is the key.

Q: What were you like in high school and college?
A: I attended a very small high school in Ohio where I was a social butterfly. I mingled with everybody and was one of the more popular girls in the school. I played varsity sports and I was involved with many school activities and committees. I pretty much had my hand in everything. I was very energetic and free spirited. But at times I was a bit sneaky and sly. I am a twin, so many times my sister and I would change classes and fool the teachers without them ever knowing.

Q: What was your first job? What was your fist Adult job?
A: My first job was when I was 14 working for a feed and grain company detassling corn. Yeah, right. What is detassling corn? If you are a farmer you know what this is, if not, you better get a dictionary and read up on it because its too hard to explain. My first adult job as in adult porn would be my website. A friend recommended that I should get on the web and that I could make some good money at it. I already had big boobs and he mentioned that with my assets I could do pretty good. So I submitted some pics and in four days I made $500. After I got that first check, I saw a new career on the horizon.

Q: You seem to be pretty open to new things, how has being featured on the web changed your sex life?
A: Being on the web has changed a few things in my life and all for the good. Of course the money is great, but there is more to it than that. The sex is great! I have met so many great people, doing photo shoots together, having sex and of course, getting paid. What else is there better than that? In addition to that, being able to travel to exotic places such as Cancun, Jamaica, and the Bahamas to do photos is so exciting. I have been able to fulfill many of my fantasies that I may have never been able to do otherwise, such has playing with seven girls at the same time, or doing three guys at the one time. Now that I am becoming a little more popular, I am looking forward to others changes in my life. Maybe someday I will be up on the big porno silver screen.

Q: Were you big-breasted growing up?
A: No way! I was flat chested measuring a 32A while growing up. When I had my kids, my boobs ballooned very large and I loved the way they looked and of course the attention I got. So the first chance I had, I got my implants. I just love them, the best investment I ever made. They make me feel good and like I said above, I love the attention I get. Now that I am bisexual, I love being with women with big boobs as well. For everyone who enjoys huge boobs, you should go out and hug a plastic surgeon.

Q: Are you politically active?
A: No, I don't dabble in politics at all. Our everyday lives are already too complex as is and we deal with politics on a daily basis within our jobs, families and friends. I have lost faith in politicians, they say one thing and do another, promise this and that and then don't keep their word. I guess I just lost some customers for that statement.

Q: If you could only have 4 things in your purse, what would they be?
A: Wow, that's easy. I would have a condom for obvious reasons, my favorite dildo, a bottle of tequila, and my makeup kit. A girl always has to look good. This is more like an emergency sex aid kit. I will let you in on a secret, I already carry three of those items all the time already.

Q: What is your wildest fantasy?
A: Having been in the adult industry for almost three years, and my hubby and I have been in the swinging lifestyle for almost eight years, I have almost done every fantasy that I can think of. I guess the wildest thing that I would still like to do is having a group session with two other really massive big boob women similar to Chelsea Charms and Minka and two big huge black cocks over 10 inches. Big boobs and big cocks, what else could a girl want?

Q: What do you enjoy most about what you're doing now? And how has this business changed you?
A: The best part about being on the internet and in the adult industry is all the sex I get. I just love sex and can't seem to get enough of it. The money is good, but feeding my sexual appetite is what I really enjoy. Sex with women, sex with men, multiple partners, new fetishes, adult toys, living out fantasies, role playing and just more sex. I love it. As for the business changing me, it really hasn't had much of an impact on me. I am still the outgoing person I was before, the only change is I get more sex and I enjoy it more. Sex makes me a happy camper.

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