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Voluptuous and sporting an inviting, pouty look, Sexy Vanessa, who has worked under the names of Sexxxy Vanessa and Vanessa Bella, is one of the favorites among the mature-class of female adult film stars.

Born in Argentina, July 21, 1963, Vanessa made her debut in the adult film world in 2003. Her exotic look and curvaceous features, combined with her alluring accent instantly captivated audiences and co-stars alike and has not lost any of her smoking, hot steam since her debut.

Born in Buenos Aires Rep. Argentina, while in her teens moved to Mexico. Became a well know TV and movie actress and show girl singing and dancing. Though life was not fulfilling south of the US border, it was time for a change, so on to the US, living in Miami she found a lot of work as a show girl. Then even produced her own show,

Fans now she decided to put all her energy and enjoy herself!

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