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Teddi Barrett was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Barrett earn her GED, and earn a college degree in physical therapy. By the mid-1990s, Barrett decided to go into the adult entertainment industry.

Barrett began as an exotic dancer at a local club. In 1996, Barrett moved to Los Angeles, California, where she began her career as a porn film star. Barrett's first role was in The Girls of Anal U. In 1998.

Teddi decided to enlarge her breasts with a "rare" breast enlargement procedure, polypropylene string breast implants. These implants, better known in the medical world as "silly string", causes the augmentation of breasts to expand and grow to often massive sizes. Fellow big-bust model/strippers Chelsea Charms, Maxi Mounds, Minka also have these kind of implants.

Teddi continued to star in porn films until 2004. Since then, she has starred in photo and video contents on her websites.

In 1996 Teddi came to Hollywood to hit the big time! Being new and a lot naive she was approached to do a nude layout in a mature kink magazine even though she was over 12 years too young (she was told she had a mature look); She accepted, not realizing that she would be stereotyped and discriminated against by many directors. But this Southern Belle of French, Irish and Native American ancestry had never had anything come easy, so she succeeded whereas thousands of others cum and go! With her captivating exotic looks and her truly warm and outgoing personality she proceeded to seduce and entertain audiences worldwide.

Now you can see, in all her luscious glory, bigger than life!
These days, Teddi is the machine instead of the machinist..."The Sex Machine" that is, in all three prodigious squirting video volumes! She's working hard on her web site to make it as nasty as possible. Teddi loves her fans and answers all her e-mail personally. She gets so turned on reading her e-mail. She says that her "virtual sex life" has never been better! Teddi loves to dance and entertain and she's back on the circuit, "Living her dream!"

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