Angel's Store sold Photos, Clothing, Custom Videos and More! Featured site was at: www. heavenlycurves. com

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Seduction is her game, Angel of
Yes, MILF as she has been described. Angel has been a pioneer on the web for sometime and currently features Photos, Chat CAM shows and more.

In her mid 40s, the happily married mom, finds plenty of time to entertain her web Fans around the world. He is extremely in tune with her sexuality and more importantly, SENSUALITY. She bare all and enjoys the playtime just as much as her Fans.

Angel has now closed her store for all her Fans. I pioneer of the ladies on the web Angle made her mark, If you didn't like commercial sites, then Angle's site was surely one to have on your bookmarks, as she was all about the personal touch. HEAVENLYCURVES.COM

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